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National Numeracy Day May 2021

Today we celebrated National Numeracy Day. This was a fantastic day of learning where the children were immersed in Maths activities based on their class’ chosen book, working on their problem solving and investigating skills. As Wednesday was also National Orienteering Day, all classes took part in a mathematical orienteering challenge, building on their map reading skills.
The children thoroughly enjoyed this day. Here's what they had to say:
"On Numeracy Day, I loved the cooking because it was really fun and taught us maths at the same time."
"On Numeracy Day, I enjoyed learning about the calendar and solving problems."

"I enjoyed the orienteering on Numeracy Day because I love hunting for things, especially when it is outside."
"I really enjoyed the treasure hunt because it was fun and I enjoyed looking for the clues and solving the problems."
"I really enjoyed learning the dance. I didn't know dancing involved Maths."
"I enjoyed the whole day but my favourite parts were baking and orienteering because they were really fun."