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Welcome to Rother Class

Hello and welcome to Rother!


Being in Year 6 is an exciting time for our children, as they are reaching the end of their exciting journey at Slinfold CE Primary School. They will have created many memories throughout their time with us and, during this year, they are being prepared to leave us and make smooth transitions into their secondary schools.


Through exploring our web page, you can keep up-to-date with our learning journey, check out our inspiring curriculum and explore subject specific websites to support your children’s learning.


Happy exploring!

Rother Class Charter

At Slinfold CE Primary School, each class works together to develop a class charter which is based around our behaviour code of Ready, RespectfulSafe. Our charters support our learning, and our pupils are consistenty encouraged to make wise behaviour choices based on those charters. 


As we are currently supporting children who are learning at home, as well as those who are working in school, we have developed a Google Meet Charter to help us ensure that we can work effectively and safely whilst learning at home.

All members of Rother are...