Slinfold CE Primary School and Pre-School

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Social Skills Groups

During this intervention, your child will work with our Learning Mentory – Mrs Sands – to develop an understanding of socially appropriate behaviours. Your child will focus on subjects such as holding conversations, friendship skills, identifying/expressing emotions, coping with anger and anxiety, peer conflict, sportsmanship, manners, apologising, asking for help, disagreeing with someone, waiting patiently, sharing, taking turns and lots more. They will broaden their friendships working with a range of different children.


Intended Outcomes:

· To improve your child’s ability to identify the emotions and feelings of themselves and others.

· To improve your child’s ability to greet others appropriately.

· To improve your child’s ability to hold a to and fro conversation.

 · To increase the amount of eye contact your child is using in conversation.


What can you do to help at home?

· Have friends around to play.

· Model good social skills e.g. holding doors, manners, waiting patiently, apologising.

 · Encourage taking turns games and allow children to lose.

· Encourage apologies and good manners.

 · Attend groups and clubs outside of school.

· Visit parks, playgrounds etc to allow children to rehearse their social skills