Slinfold CE Primary School and Pre-School

Caring for each other, learning from each other, achieving with each other…guided by God



Every class has a weekly music lesson from a specialist teacher. Other music making opportunities include singing worships, performances, whole school seasonal events, lunchtime choir and optional peripatetic instrumental tuition. 

In weekly music lessons we follow a Kodaly inspired approach focussing on developing musicianship, primarily through unaccompanied singing, body percussion and games, along with movement to a variety of music, with maximum participation and fun whilst learning. 

Lessons include the following elements:

  • Learning a range of rhymes, songs and games, chosen for their specific teaching elements. 
  • Singing tunefully simple songs with a limited range appropriate to their age.
  • Listening to and moving with music appropriately. Talking about features they hear.
  • Beat keeping activities.
  • Discovering, representing, performing, reading, writing and improvising with rhythm elements and notation progressively.
  • Discovering, representing, performing, reading, writing and improvising with solfa pitch elements and notation progressively.
  • Differentiating between musical features – tempo, dynamics, musical form, pitch, timbre.
  • Progressive part singing.
  • Playing percussion and tuned instruments (e.g. metallophones and recorder), both from memory and from written notation.
  • Working together cooperatively.
  • Playing active musical games as part of their learning.
  • Participating with enthusiasm and enjoyment.


Disciplinary knowledge

British Values in Music