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Here at Slinfold, It is our intention to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), which develops their love of learning about other languages and cultures. Languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work, and therefore, we aim to provide our children with a sense of global citizenship and appreciation for other countries, cultures and communities. 

Our chosen modern foreign language is French; however, we strive to provide children with opportunities to experience a range of other languages. We annually celebrate ‘Languages Day’, this year, linking this with Comic Relief’s theme of “Coming Together” where we came together as a school community to celebrate all of the links we have around the world. It is our intention to ensure that by the end of our children’s primary education, they have acquired an understanding of both spoken and written French, confidence to speak in French with others and know how important other languages can be in their future.






At Slinfold, we use a variety of teaching techniques to encourage the children to have an active engagement in Modern foreign Languages. These include: games, role-play and action songs. We use mime and actions to accompany new vocabulary as this serves to demonstrate the language without the need for translation.  We use multi-sensory and kinaesthetic approach to teaching and make lessons as enjoyable as possible so that the children develop a positive attitude to the learning of Modern Foreign Languages. 

Coming Together Languages Day - Friday 17th March 2023


Coming Together Languages Day - Friday 17th March 2023


To celebrate our school diversity, we investigated how many links around the world we have as a school!  We tasked our families to ask their family and friends around the world to send us postcards. We were amazed at how many postcards we received from all four corners of the globe! 


Following this, to celebrate 'Coming Together' for Comic Relief, we held our fist 'Day of Languages'. This was an amazing day, where the children learnt about their chosen country, its geographical location, food, culture and language. 


Across the school we studied - Italy, Germany, Ukraine and Spain. Parent volunteers came in to teach the language and to tell the child all about the culture within that country. 


The Brook - Mrs John visited The Brook to teach them some Italian. They learnt how to say their Italian names and different colours! Throughout the day the children made, breadstick, pizzas and Italian lemon cake. They then finished the day with an Italian Feast! 


KS1 - Hamble and Medway - Mrs Carnochan visited KS1, where she taught them numbers in German along with the alphabet. They studied some of the famous landmarks in Germany and  baked pretzels and made Tyrolean hats!


Arun - Mrs Turban visited Arun Class, where she taught them the different colours in Ukrainian. They also learnt how to sing Head, Shoulders, Knee's and Toes and learnt all bout the meaning behind the colours of the Ukrainian Flag. 


Adur - Mrs John also visited Adur Class where she taught them their Italian name, along with how to say "my name is....". They also looked at Italy as a country and discussed its geography - learning how it is classed as a Peninsula as it only has one side linked to other countries. Throughout the day, Adur Class also made their own pizzas! 


Rother - Rother Class studies Spain for the day, looking at its culture, including its many festivals. They learnt many Spanish phrases, such as " How are you?" "My name is...." thanks to a virtual lesson with Mrs Stevenson, a KS3 Spanish teacher with family links to our school!