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Maths Mastery at Slinfold School


At Slinfold School we aim to support the children on their journey towards Maths Mastery. Mastering maths means children acquiring a deep, long-term secure and adaptable understanding of maths.


We believe in a practical approach to teaching maths, using resources to support the children's learning. We aim to develop confidence and positive attitudes towards maths and make links to real life situations to ensure the children understand the relevancy and importance of their learning. We aim to equip the children with a range of mental and written strategies to be able to solve problems and reason effectively.

The Counting Stick

The counting stick is a useful tool used to promote confidence and flexibility in children's counting skills but it is also brilliant when used to explore concepts such as:


  • Position
  • Order
  • Calculation
  • Measures


All of the children are familiar with the use of the counting stick to support their learning in class. Below, you will find some top tips and videos on how best to support your child's maths learning at home using a counting stick.

Counting stick: parent tips

Tips from primary teachers on how to use a counting stick to help children learn and practice their times tables.

Times Tables

Counting sticks can be used to teach times tables. You can also improvise with household items to create a large counting stick to help teach your child their times tables. Watch this video for ideas on how to support your child to learn their times tables.

Multiplication Times Table Check Parent Meeting

Mrs Winfield's times-tables on a broomstick

Primary teacher Nicola Winfield shows how parents can use a broomstick to help children practice their times-tables.

How to practise times tables | Oxford Owl

Education expert and parent Isabel Thomas offers her advice on making times tables practise fun with flashcards, post-its and competitions.