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Individual Reading

Individual Reading involves your child reading to an adult on a 1:1 basis. Regular reading is important because it provides your child with an opportunity to practise decoding texts, applying their phonic knowledge and rehearsing the reading of whole words too. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to discuss the text, developing comprehension, vocabulary, imagination and concentration.


Intended Outcomes:

· For your child to increase in pace and fluency.

· For your child to recognise an increasing number of phonemes.

 · For your child to recognise an increasing number of words.

· For your child to develop a better understanding of what they are reading.

 · For your child to increasingly enjoy reading and want to read more at home.


What can you do to help at home?

  • Listen to your child read every day at home for 10 minutes.
  • Read your child a bedtime story every night.
  • Be a good reading role model.
  • Talk to your children about stories and books they read e.g.What makes you think that?  How did you think it would end?  Who are the key characters in the book? What do these words mean and why do you think the writer chose them? What was the most exciting part of the story?  Do you know any more stories like this?
  • Play games such as