Slinfold CE Primary School and Pre-School

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Here at Slinfold, the children will develop an enthusiasm and interest in the past and how it is relevant to their lives today. They will have an appreciation and understanding of our local history as well as the history of the wider world. The children naturally ask BIG questions and at Slinfold this will be encouraged through a wide range of topics. Children are able to engage in meaningful discussions to shape and form their perception of events and key figures in history.

Through first quality teaching, we deliver a high-quality curriculum which is complimented by professional expertise in the form trips and specialists who study particular periods in time. The children are also encouraged to develop their history skills outside of the classroom, by exploring our local history on our school site as well as in our locility.

Discussion forms a large part of how children learn, so we encourage class discussions and debates where everyone’s opinions are valued.

Through the careful design of our curriculum, children revisit previous learning, through different context, and frequently draw on and compare to new knowledge/skills gained.

The celebration of both men and women in history makes the learning relatable to all children and enables them to see the impact that can be made on the world.



Our history curriculum seeks to include all children through the use of high-quality discussion and debate to explore different topics.

Through the use of different scaffolds, such as word banks, stem sentences, practical resources, and adult intervention, we ensure that all children are able to fully engage in our history curriculum.

A key aspect of inclusion in history is developing empathy. Teachers help to model how we empathise with different aspects in the past to help children make those important connections.

Another key development in the history curriculum is the explicit sharing of past and modern-day careers. This gives the children greater context and the ability to see opportunities open to them. Through our carefully chosen, high quality text, we explore all kinds of history, including the celebration of women and the impact they have had on world history.

British Values in History