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Physical Education at Slinfold provides a balance between gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, and athletics. Through our curriculum we enable to our pupils to think about leading healthy and safe lives. PE is taught by both dedicated PE coaches and teachers themselves.

We encourage the participation in many different competitive and non-competitive sporting activities, through our locality sporting events and inter-house competitions. We try to enter as many competitions and leagues as possible, to give children the chance to take part in competitive game-play. For those who prefer the enjoyment of sport we participate in numerous festivals and sporting workshops too. 


Physical Education at Slinfold is accessible regardless of a young person’s additional needs. When planning our curriculum, we take into account –

  • The physical environment to ensure it is accessible for all children.
  • Modifying the equipment we use, to ensure that all learners are able to participate, enjoy and experience success in our lessons.
  • We consider the children’s preferred communication methods to ensure that lessons and activities are accessible. We use clear and precise names for strategies and techniques which support learners to acquire the knowledge they need to participate in the activity
  • Changes and adaptations can be made to activities and specific tasks to ensure all learners are able to participate fully. Adaptations can range from small, subtle changes when performing a skill through to larger modifications to the activity or sport itself.
  • A key adult can model skills, break down activities into smaller steps and support with the repetition and over-learning of skills that can be so important for children with SEND.
  • Peers can be a huge support in helping to motivate and model skills whilst ensuring all children maintain their independence and doesn’t become over-reliant on the support of a key adult.
  • Learners working in mixed ability groups. This provides aspirational role models and opportunities for the most able to develop their skills further through demonstrating and coaching.

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