Slinfold CE Primary School and Pre-School

Caring for each other, learning from each other, achieving with each other…guided by God

Distinctive Christian Ethos and Values

Caring for each other,

Learning from each other,

Achieving with each other...

Guided by God.


Our distinctive Christian Ethos is encapsulated by our vision statement:


Slinfold is a small, inclusive school with strong links to St Peter's Church at the heart of our rural village community. We strive to develop confident, resilient, and compassionate learners by providing an inspiring curriculum. Our supportive and respectful culture, based on our Christian values, enables all to flourish. Through consistently high expectations, challenge and a love of learning we aspire for excellence.



This is represented by our school logo which can be seen below.

The image of the hands holding planet Earth signifies 'Caring for each other'. This image captures the fact that we want all of our children to become good citizens of the future, aware of the fact that we only have one planet and that we need to look after it for future generations. We also need to care for each other and to build a compassionate and nurturing community that celebrates diversity and provides support in difficult times.


The image of the book represents 'Learning from each other'. This symbol demonstrates one of the ways in which we learn through the use of high-quality texts, as well as a way in which we record our learning. 


The image of the trophy signifies 'Achieving with each other'. Although we believe in collaborative achievements which is demonstrated throughout our reward systems, we want all children to strive to be the best that they can be and to achieve extraordinary things while at Slinfold.


Finally, the image of St Peter's Church represents 'Guided by God'. We enjoy strong links with St Peter's Church and really value the partnership and community that we have developed. When we face challenges with our learning or friendships, we know that God is there to guide us through the difficult times.

Our vision linked to Bible stories


Caring for each other

(The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37)

Learning from each other

(The Prodigal Son Luke 15: 12-32)

Achieving with each other

(Jesus and Peter Walking on Water Matthew 14:22-23)

Guided by God.


Our Christian Ambassadors met with Reverend Sandra to discuss how we could link our school vision phrases with Bible stories.

The three stories that link are highlighted in green.

Their wish is that when children leave Slinfold School they are first and foremost being caring towards each other and look out for each other; they learn from each other through a wide range of experiences and learn that we are all different and have God given talents; and lastly, they achieve well through collaboration and belief in themselves.

Our Christian Values


Our Christian Values reflect the key values that we feel every member of our community needs to display on a daily basis.


They are Responsibility, Respect, Compassion & Courage.


Each of these values is linked to a Bible Story and these are being explored through daily collective worship.




Our School Prayer